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Finely Customized Coatings
on Freeform Surfaces


To make you reconsider what is possible!

We successfully develop and supply high-quality optical coatings for photonic applications on non-planar and highly complex freeform surfaces.


Optical coatings

- UV - VIS - NIR
- AR, HR, PR, Polarizer, Filter
- Si-, Al-, Hf-, Ta-, Ti-Oxides
- Unique films conformality
- Exceptional microstructure
- Low internal stress

Decorative coatings

- Broad color palette
- Perfect adhesion
- Solvents-free

Protection coatings

- Surface encapsulation
- Anti-tarnich
- Corrosion protection
- Moisture barrier

R&D solutions

- Customer oriented
- Economically feasible
- Advanced and original

Our Advatages

Experienced specialists

Long time academical and industrial experience in the vacuum coatings field.
Deep understanding of optical needs and modern coating techniques.

Proven coating methods

Our methods successfully used for decades in the semiconductor industry and have been successfully implemented in photonic needs oriented coating equipment.

Global operating

We act internationally. Please contact us and we will make you an offer.

Made in Germany

We work according to QMS and offer a high quality of our products.

Our Projects


Single Run Solution

Optimized cost-effective single run coating solution for the multi-sided prisms.


Plano-Convex Lens

Realised the range of functional optical coatings for complex optical components.


AR Coatings on Cylindrical lens

Developed a variety of AR coatings based on examined Al-, Si-, Hf- and Ta-oxides.

Supported by EXIST incentive program of German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy