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About Us

ALD System XPSpro

We are a dynamic and modern team which is specialized in the Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) technique for coating on freeform, especially optical, surfaces. After years in research and development at the state University in Bremen, we developed a process of the modified atomic layer deposition technique - ALD, which guarantees the highest quality at reasonable prices.

As a specialist for the ALD, we use the most modern manufacturing processes. Our range of services includes the coating of 3D optics; like multi-sided components, strongly curved lenses, custom made aspheres, prisms, axicons, tubes, and hemispheres.

As a contract manufacturer, we respond to the requirements and needs of our customers and guarantee the highest precision for which our customers have valued us as a reliable partner. With our cooperation, your laser and optical systems will receive it´s highest and most qualified outcomes.